David Innes

Born 10 Mar 1934, Died 4 Jan 2014, Married 15 July 1961

  • RAF 120 Squadron Kinloss

  • Represented Britain in the World Gliding Championships in Poland and flew in 13 world championships

Stockbroking Director

TMC - Trevor Matthews & Carey

Guernsey's oldest established and one of the largest provincial stockbroking firms in the British Isles and in 1887 was taken over by a Swiss subsidiary of the Hoare Govett group who's total funds then reached £1B; while the existing 50 or so TMC directors across Jersey and Guernsey were to remain in their jobs.


Directors and shareholders at Advocate John Langlois office signing the official papers of the firm's take-over. From Left to right: Mr John Morris, chairman of 3i, formerly ICFC, in Guernsey; Mr Charles Tracy, managing director merchant bankers, N. M. Rothschild and Sons (C.I.); Mr Tim Tilden-Smith, TMC Director; Mr David Innes, TMC Director; Advocate Jogn Langlois; Mr Mel Maubec TMC Director


Eric Alexander Innes

Born 6 Mar 1908, Died 18 Mar 1967


Private Tutor

King Faisal II


David Innes accompanied his father Eric Innes as he served as the private tutor to King Faisal II who was the last ruling monarchy of Iraq before the thirty seven year reign under the Hashemites ended in a coup with Iraq becoming a republic. Pictured is the Palace in Baghdad commissioned by King Faisal II and later taken over by Saddam Hussein before being raided by the US.


John Blythe Kinross OBE CBE HRSA

Born 31 Jan 1904, Died 19 Aug 1989, Married 1 Mar 1930 


  • Made Commander/Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty The Queen

  • HRSA - Honorary of the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture

  • Honorary Royal Scottish Academician

  • Honourable by the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts 1957

  • Honourable Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetists of the Royal College of Surgeons 1961

Education and Early Work

  • Educated George Watson's College, Edinburgh

  • Skilled actor and stage manager in Edinburgh through the 1920s.

  • Born and lived in Scotland until he left in 1928 for England.

  • Worked for Sir Arthur Wheeler and the Gresham Trust 1928-1933

Work and Positions

  • Pioneered the founding of the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation Ltd ICFC 1945

  • Chairman ICFC 1964-1974

  • Published memoir ‘Fifty Years in the City’ 1982

  • Founded Mary Kinross Foundation 1957

  • 3i Investors In Industry Group PLC Established

  • Founded Cheviot Trust

  • Member Finance Committee of the Royal College of Surgeons 1956-1979

National Library of Scotland


Founder and Chairman

ICFC | 3i

Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation

Investment In Industry

Year to/as at 31 March 2018

  • Returns: £1,425M

  • Net Asset: £7,024M

  • Investment: £827M

  • Market Cap: £8.936B

  • Gross Profit: £1.57B

The Board of ICFC, 1960. Left to Right: Lord Dudley Gorgon, Dudley Robinson, Lord Blackford, W. H. Fraser, Lord Piercy, John Blythe Kinross (General Manager), Colin Skinner, Lewis Whyte, and the earl of Limerick. Standing: S. V. Warren (Secretary) 

Charitable Capital

The Mary Kinross Charitable Trust

  • Income: £848.5K

  • Spending: £458K

  • Investment: £44.1M

  • Liabilities: £1.1M

Medical Research

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

  • Medical School, University of Exeter

  • Max Planck UCL Centre, University College London

  • Jonathan Haw Fund, University of Edinburgh Development Trust Department of Oncology, University of Oxford

  • Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Spectrum Centre, University of Lancaster

  • Peninsula Medical Foundation


  • Bendrigg Trust

  • Prospex

  • New Horizon Youth Centre Home-Start London

  • Depaul UK

  • Gospel Oak Action Link Engineering Development Trust Parasol Foundation

  • YES Outdoors

  • Eve Brook Scholarship Fund


  • Barry & Martin’s Trust

  • Citizens Advice Enfield

  • National Aids Trust

  • Mildmay Day Service

  • Bipolar UK

  • Growing Well


  • Oxford Concert Party

  • St Mary's Churchyard Heritage & Access Project The Bach Players

  • Edgbaston High School For Girls

  • Warstock Community Centre

  • Birmingham Heritage Forum

Penal Affairs

  • Restore Support Network Margaret Carey Foundation Circles UK

  • Prisoners’ Penfriends

  • The Hardman Trust

  • Prison Radio Association


Guernsey Asset Investment

Island Properties

Unlisted investments of Mary Kinross Charitable Trust are comprised of a 70% holding in Island Properties at £30,774,831 with the majority of shareholders and the directors of the company also holding interest in MKT but who have a fiduciary duty to the minority shareholders. The principal activity of the company is that of holding investments and property.

Net Asset: £44M+


Outdoor Learning for those with disabilities 

Bendrigg Trust

Established 1957


Other Trusts

Covenant, Cheviot/Montrose

Cheviot Trust run by Kinross from 1934 when he left Gresham’s and set up business on his own. JBK ran Covenant Trust concurrently with the Cheviot Trust which succeeded by the by the Montrose Trust 



John Kinross HRSA

Born 30 July 1855, Died 7 Jan 1931, Married 13 Aug 1889