• Queen Elizabeth's School Sixth Form Wimborne Minster 2016 to 2018

  • Ringwood Waldorf School 2007 to 2016

  • Freie Waldorfschule Saar-Hunsrück In 2016

  • St Martins Guernsey Primary School 2005 to 2007

  • Elizabeth College Junior School, Acorn House 2003 to 2005



UCA University for the Creative Arts Farnham

Product Design (W242)

Entry requirements: 112 UCAS Points

BU Bournemouth University

Product Design (W240) or Computing (G610)

Entry requirements: 104 UCAS Points


Accurate, systematic, precise, disciplined, worrier, compliant, careful, perfectionist, logical, competitive, inquisitive, assertive, communicative, amiable, influential, persuasive, active, mobile, alert and restless.

  • A perfectionist who has an innate need to get things right.

  • Analyses and researches detailed information.

  • Can communicate facts and information both verbally and in writing.

  • Self-motivated; wants to achieve the perfect solution.

  • Wants variety and change; can become bored and frustrated with repetitive tasks.

  • Willing to test the unknown.

  • Wants the authority to get on with the job.

  • Analyses the facts and likely consequences before taking action or making decisions.

  • Adheres to the rules, procedures and guidelines set by the organisation.

  • Quick to detect error.


James Innes is motivated by standard operating procedures, personal contact and achieving results via logic and efficiency. He enjoys a challenge but prefers the security of a sheltered working environment. He likes to be popular and enjoys being part of a team. Should James Innes have a boss, then ideally that person will be a democratic but direct person who has the ability to set the requirements in a logical and systematic manner. Objectives and timescales should therefore be communicated and agreed and James Innes should then be allowed to get on and finish the task in hand. Instructions should be given in writing if at all possible.

Values James Innes brings to an Organisation

This perfectionistic individual combines a need for accuracy with a need for power and approval. He is careful and precise and is unlikely to act without considering all options. His assertiveness and drive to achieve perfect results would indicate that he is not a risk taker in spite of his desire for quick results. He is able to motivate others when necessary. His greatest value lies in his logical, analytical approach to achieving perfect results in tandem with his enthusiasm and high activity rate.