Bayleaf Bungalow

Airbnb Management

Brand, User Experience Design, Key Fobs, Welcome Pack

Interior Design, Furnishings, Photographer sourcing and direction

Google - Analytics, Adwords, Maps, My Business

SEO, Target Market, Advertising

Communication, Protocols, Customer service

Gardening, General Maintenance 

Finance, Tax, Utilities, Wages

  • Est 2016

  • Profit: £27,800+

  • Bookings: 94+

  • Nights: 420+

  • Reviews: 67+

  • 5* Rating: 100%

  • Superhost: 9 times

  • Revenue: 53,300+

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AirbnbGuestBookingCommunication 1
AirbnbGuestBookingCommunication 2
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FileMaker client and server

Finance Software Solution

Barclays Business Account, Debit Cards, Paypal Business Account

Development of Software solution for record keeping

Private Cloud, ERP solution, Apple FileMaker Pro Advanced (MS Access/Dynamics Alternative)

Booking and Expenses records based on CSV and receipts

iPhone App used over VPN connection to capture a receipt and take down details before reviewing all the data and performance summaries in detail using the desktop client. As well as creating software solutions I am also becoming more aware of regulations and tax efficiency which complements my business studies course.

iPhone 7 List
iPhone 7 List

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iPhone Record
iPhone Record

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iPhone Camera
iPhone Camera

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iPhone 7 List

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AWS Amazon Web Services

Expenditure: £130+


The limitation of existing client operating systems and software packages and the emergence of cloud and XaaS is very interesting and so I wanted to understand some of the major technologies and service providers that underpin so much of what we depend on every day. Apart from Azure and Google’s cloud platform there was of course AWS which offered a very hands-on experience based on a trial period.



Ringwood Waldorf School 

Assistant System Administrator


mySQL & Apache Web Server

Wordpress Website & Raspberry Pi


Wondrous Waffles

Setup and ran waffle stand at school, a farm fare and a village Christmas celebration. I produced a business plan, development branding material and applied to secure funding from the Peter Jones's Enterprise. Although I didn’t win funding and little profit was made, the activity was still a worthy exercise.


Redbubble Merch



  • Achieved grade four and five with merit

  • Attended Hampshire County Youth Orchestra performed publicly

  • Part of School orchestra performing in front of 200

  • Steiner community carol concert in Ringwood church

Hampshire Orchestra Certificate_edited
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grade 4 cello exam report_edited
Grade 4 Cello_edited
Grade 5 Cello_edited

Digital Conference

Bournemouth has been coined as ‘Silicon South’ because of its growing relevance in the digital world and the sheer number of digital agencies mainly specialising in design & marketing that have popped up in the past few years. While a lot of the speakers are founders of some of these companies, there are also a few who head the really big players as well as spokesman from conglomerates such as IBM and Microsoft. There are some great people there and the whole event has an enthusiastic and aspirations vibe. So far I have attended two of the Digital Wave conferences.

Arts Uni Bournemouth Saturday Courses

  • Animation

  • Photography 

AUB Photo 1
AUB Animation 2
AUB Animation 1
AUB Phtot 2


Video Editing




Video Editing

The Last Episode


Room Planning